Yoga and Animal Welfare – The True Path to Peace and Harmony

20-first century is definitely the age of technological development. But this is undoubtedly not a period of harmony with oneself or with other species on earth. Each are intricately related.

We can discover genuine peace within just ourselves only if we are compassionate, empathetic towards other species. Ahimsa or nonviolence is definitely an integral concept of yoga. A chance to enjoy all and never hurt any species could be the correct route to yoga and self-realization.

Yoga is just not about Actual physical Health. We stick to a certain diet program to further improve physical Exercise; the identical rule relates to improve our mental wellbeing. Yoga diet involves natural and organic food grown in harmony with nature.

A short Be aware on background of yoga will explain to us how yoga and animal welfare is linked. Patanjali is thought of as The daddy of yoga. Many do not know that Lord Dattatreya will be the guru of Patanjali. Lord Dattatreya remaining dwelling at an early age to roam the forests, and lived on a straightforward food plan. One of his charming traits is he liked all animals. He was normally present in the corporation of 4 puppies as well as a cow.




In these distressing instances we realize that we are accelerating extinction of plant and animal species. Violence from any residing type harms the sacred unity and equilibrium. We stumble upon different species of animals and birds. We’ve our obligations towards them. When This is certainly felt, our every single act turns into harmonious. We have to provide equivalent significance to our experience element of our thoughts as Now we have for your intellectual a person.